We are an authorized Shore Station hoist dealer. Our crew can assist you selecting the perfect Shore Station hoist for your boat, pontoon, or PWC. Our friendly crew will install, remove, your hoists annually. There are many companies that sell Shore Station hoist in Traverse City. One of the finest boat lifts available, easy in and easy out which helps keep costs down annually. We favor the hydraulic Shore Station for the following reasons:

Shore Station Hoist

Reliable by Design
The hydraulic lift’s design keeps your essential hydraulic and electronic components above the water, minimizing their exposure to moisture and humidity. In addition, the solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on the dock, ensuring dependable safety.

Quickly Secures Boat
When you have a Hydraulic Lift, there’s no need to worry about wind and waves getting in your way. This lift is the fastest on the market and will give you confidence to safely land and secure your boat in less-than-ideal conditions.

Maximum Protection for Your Boat and Lift
With cables that are pulled instead of wound, this system is designed to eliminate cable fatigue issues and safeguard against critical failure. In addition, our hydraulics are pressure regulated, so they stall before lifting potentially damaging loads, giving you peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe.


1 – On Site Consult

Pictures & Measurements

Where is the dock going to be installed?

How long do you want it to be?

How fast does the water get deeper?

2 – Design

Layout & Accessories

What does the completed project look like?

Do you need to hang kayaks or fend of seagulls?

Will you need a platform with benches?

3 – Purchase and Install

Deliver & Install

What date should we install?

What date should we take out?

Make install and removal notes the team?

Shore Station Hoist


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