Silver Lake (formerly Lake Kratochvil) is a lake in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. It is 3.45 mi (5.5 km) from the northern to southern ends, making its length-to-width ratio roughly 1:6. The lake is known for its pine coasts, irregular shoreline, and many peninsulas and islands, despite being smaller in size. Its maximum depth is 96.0 feet, making it the 2nd deepest lake in Grand Traverse County. Two smaller lakes sit to the north of Silver Lake: Mud Lake & Hidden Lake.

Silver Lake was originally named Lake Kratochvil, after the small nearby town called Kratochvil’s Plat (which is now a ghost town), itself named after Frank Kratochvil, a local settler. Frank’s daughter, Anna, was the mother of W.D.C. Germaine, mayor of nearby Traverse City. The lake was later named Silver Lake.

It is a local hotspot for fishing. It is known for its Bass, Bluegill, Perch, Pike, Lake sunfish, and Walleye. There is a public dock used for launching boats on the eastern shore of the lake.

The Recreation Area is a park for people of all ages, and is located northeast of the lake. Holiday Park Campground is a large private campground on the southern end of the lake, just off of US 31. It has boat access and has RV camping lots surrounding the lake. Annually, there are regattas and fishing competitions on the lake.

Until sometime in the early 1900s, Blair Township was apparently known as “Silver Lake Township”

In 1965, the Improvement Association was established to promote the care and preservation of the Lake.

In 1987, the Grand Traverse County Drain Commission installed a high water outflow dam at Kevwitch Cove (the southernmost end of the lake), which was at the beginning of Beitner Creek.

Silver Lake


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